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Sunday, Aug. 28, 2005
It’s hotter than a jalapeno’s cootchie outside lately. When I turn on my ac in my car it blows hot air for the first five minutes until the interior parts cool off. Insane.

The kid and I rented Napoleon Dynamite today. (yes I am that behind on my movie viewing, but if you want to know if a movie is good or not ask my kid his cableless home is condusive to him seeing a lot of movies) We also rented Beauty Shop but I haven’t watched that one yet.

I just placed the order for the wedding invitations. They are three-fold with a beach scene.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The middle fold quote will be “Marriage is a sea of dreams”. A quote I read in a Marriage Quote book and loved for our beach wedding.

I also finally decided upon wedding favors. I’m going to give away salt water taffy. I think it best fits the beach wedding theme…and who doesn’t like taffy? It’s so happy and cheerful. :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I have 100 9” purple circle shaped organza tulle pieces that I already bought, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be using raffia to tie the taffy inside of the tulle pieces. Great project for my son and I to work on. I also bought those 20+ pillar candles that I’m going to be tying bows onto. So there’s a lot of work still left to do. We’re now down to the last things and the finalization of things.

I’m still at a loss for what to do about a wedding cake. I have considered the cupcake cake idea but it’s so overdone lately that I’m already sick of it. My cousin Wendy told me about going to a wedding where they had 6 different flavored cakes in the same size, shape and dressed in the same icing that were scattered about the room and guests were told what flavors were where and that they should sample and have fun picking and choosing. I think this might be the way I go if I can find a cake place to do them for me. I still have to shop on this one. When I find more time……

I talked to my best pal Carla tonight for about an hour. I wish so often that she were closer, but realize also that we both have “we hate girl’s” disease and we’d probably already hate each other if we were too close to each other. This way we still actually like one another and it works out well for both of us. She’s going through some tough times and my heart breaks for her right now. Relationship woe’s are so tough to deal with and everyone has advice but no one else really knows another person’s relationship like you know your own.

This weekend I asked an online friend about her finger tattoo I spied in another photo and she kindly sent me a better picture of it. The picture included her hand holding her man’s hand and this gesture made my heart swell about being in love. I thought, “Gee that’s a great idea”. They designed her initial and his initial into a great abstract tattoo. I would tell you who it was and show you a picture but I didn't ask and it's not my place to share such a thing. After seeing this, I sat down to sketch out some idea’s about Ricks initial and my initial. And low and behold if you write the letter R you will realize that the letter K is already within it. How weird is that? I’m going to ask my son to sketch out some of my ideas and see what he can come up with. If he comes up with something artsy and pretty at the same time, I think that will be my new tattoo. And yah….it is addicting. I love my new tattoo and it’s just beginning the last stages of it’s super oober itchi’it is tonight.

This weekend I learned that my ex makes my son wash his own laundry. I find this almost revolting. I do NOT like to wash Rick's clothes because of my anti-housework/slave mentality but my son? My son's laundry? I would so do my son's laundry especially if he dwelled in my home. The thought that they actually are too lazy to do his laundry brings me cause for anger. But I let it ride. I figure it's better that he knows how to do his laundry than he doesn't. So while I disagree at least there is a silver lining in that crap cloud. And yah yah yah I did my own laundry when I was 13, heck I had to do everyone's laundry back then. Might be why I feel like a slave when someone trys to "tell me what to do". This new information makes me want to have my son bring over his dirty dud's every Friday so I can do them for him....but something tells me his father would never do this. Something else tells me that his new wife (who has a washer and dryer inside her house) is a lazy bitch who shouldn't have married someone who had a child. According to my son if he goes into her son's room and her son is bothered by his presence she tells my son to "get out when he tells you to" but if her son goes into my son's room he's not treated the same if he is not welcome. My son is then told to play nice and "share". What total bad parenting skills are those? My kid can do as he pleases but "your" kid can't. She's a piece of bad work. If Rick had a child I would treat his child the same way I treat my own child. I wouldn't have different rules for one or the other. This favortism is another sign of her immaturity.

I received this email from my son yesterday while I was writing a college style paper (but did not know or read it until after he was with me). I often turn off my phone and the television and the radio for that matter in order to attack my college work. If I get interrupted then I lose my train of thought and work ethic and never come back to it. The email was :

From: keith<@yahoo.com>
To: kristy
Subject: please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 12:26:51 -0700 (PDT)

please can i come over i need to see you i miss you so much please please im soooo bored over here please let me come over

I also got this one…

From: keith <@yahoo.com>
To: kristy
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 14:58:11 -0700 (PDT)



I guess he TOLD ME DIDN’T HE? Seriously, this would have really broke my heart if I had seen them prior to his arrival. Oh and you haters won’t get to me….because even the kid knows I barely use my phone these days and I am always always studying. This weekend he asked me “When are you going to be done with school?” I think it’s starting to get to him. I know it’s gotten to me before. It’s not a short process…this getting a degree gig.

Check out these sites, that is if you’re not too lazy to link like I am…

http://www.turningtorso.com (click on the English button on the right hand to read the site in English)

http://www.wisedecor.com (I love this site…even though I can’t buy these living in an apartment and stencils are much cheaper and you can paint right over them….but still I loved playing around on this site)

http://www.addictinggames.com/ (My son was playing on this one yesterday and today, apparently there’s some fun and free stuff on there to do)


I’m currently reading this book…..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It’s awesomely written. Her language skills are great. A quick sentence for example:

“Her mouth became a piece of wadded-up paper, and she got ready to throw herself into the garbage like a bad piece of writing.”

Few people can write a sentence that good. Even fewer write countless ones. Lauralee Summer can and does.

p.s.s. Rick and I both have cellphones. We stopped paying for a home line a long long time ago. It's pointless. I can always reach him regardless of where he is and vice versa. The cutest thing was that this weekend my son called Rick's phone looking for me. Cute that he somehow had the number, hmm....bet Daddy gave it to him, because free babysitters are so hard to find.

p.s.s.s. I almost made it out of this entry before mentioning that my ex refused to buy my son a bottle of bedhead hair gel (he gave him the cheap bottle of LA whatever that crap is that no one should buy and no one should use even on a farm animal) saying it was too expensive. But....bought himself a flat screen television set. Selfish much? Mom bought my son the kind he wanted...and if it doesn't make his hair stay put the way he wishes I'll keep buying hair gel until my little man is a happy camper.


Rick worked all weekend...and THAT sucks. I miss him. Going to bed to spoon....or fork.
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