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Sunday, Oct. 17, 2004
Sunday nights are suicidal lyrics waiting to be written so I’ve learned and I now know that I need to pack my arms full of your love. I push it behind my lips for later. I save it up in invisible jars because the weekends are blissful…the weeks are too long. I drive slow taking you back yet it was faster than light retrieving you. I move things around in your absence and then enjoy the stillness in your presence. I talk too much when you’re around and to no one when you’re busy elsewhere. I work in silence and breath in your absence trying to remind myself that oxygen is necessary even when you’re not around to breath with.

Sometimes when the sunsets I remember you’re with me, where it matters the most. We are on the same page even if our tablet is not physically intact. We are together even if we’re not together for that moment where I miss you so bad my heart swells like the ocean too large to be held within the shoreline, it is then that I remind myself that my waters are looking for your shore….it is not sadness that is overflowing…it is love. I have too much love to contain for all those days when you are just voice too far away….yet you are my heart within my ribcage…always…every day.

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