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Sunday, Dec. 07, 2003
Happy Sunday. Bucky is here behind me watching Rich Girls on MTV. *rolls eyes* He just loves anything Hillfiger these days. Including the real thing? lol

Yesterday in the mail I got something really very kewl. A signed picture of Allison Burnett. He mailed it to me. Quite a nice thing for him to do. It cheered my day. The cutest thing is he addressed it to "Poetical Kristy" Funny how if you take on a pen name or web identity of sorts it really does become a part of who you are. I already framed it and it will be treasured.

I got an email today and this person, who probably doesn't realize just how damn smart she is, said the following "How are you? Well, I suppose that's a dumb question considering I read your journal, but that's not your whole life." See how smart she is?

Bucky made me a white snowman with a purple scarf on for my white and purple tree. Cuteness. I love it.

Chloe is lying in the sun. She does this because she's so small and always cold, so in the sun her black fur heats up and she's all nice and warm. I swear when I see her doing that I am instantly reminded of how simple life can be. She looks so serene and so content.

That's about it for my lame update.....

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