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Saturday, Jan. 08, 2005
Today I spent 4 ½ hours printing out my required course reading material for the next 5 weeks. My backpack is full of 5 One and a half inch thick binders full of printed out information. That backpack is entirely too heavy, it feels like there's a dead body in there or something. But alas I don't have to carry all of it all around except for once to bring it all home, then I can discard one binder at a time as the weeks go by. Five weeks per class....5 binders.

I worked today until 6 p.m. and then I spent the majority of my evening after work reading the first weeks materials despite the fact that class does not start until next Thursday. One of my goals is to try very hard to not fall behind as I feel for me that will cause great distress etc.

My son is with me and I found out today that he made the honor roll. 2 years after going thru a divorce he made the honor roll. This pleases me greatly. He’s academically doing well. When asked about his grades (he forgot to bring his report card…) he told me that he did get one C. At his school this is allowable and he is still on the honor roll as they do their system by an overall percentage of his g.p.a. and he has plenty of A’s. The conversation went like this…

Me: What did you get a C in?

Bucky: I only got one C and it’s like a C plus because of the percentage.

Me: Yes, but what did you get a C in?

Bucky: Reading!

Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m dyin’ I’m dyin’ call 911 I’m going to have a heart attack….

Bucky: I hate reading!!!

Me: I…*gasp* can’t *gasp* go….on… (while clutching my chest)

He HATES to read? This is….*gasp*…

However…he did redeem himself because he brought me an abstract painting of a sunrise….that he painted…
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
He painted the sun red…and he had no clue that I just bought red accessories for my desk at home. :-)

The top is multicolored and he has shading under the sun, it’s bright colored and happy…. exudes happy. It's impossible to photograph this, but he has texture within this painting. I bought him a book all about painting technique's for Christmas and he's experimenting with new ideas and trying new things. I've never pushed art upon him, he was a 2 year old that cried for crayons...not candy.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I feel good about things….all things… all things that is except my child loudly exclaims that he HATES to read???? gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now if I could actually get a day off….a day where I can actually have time to do nothing! Tonight I did laundry, read schoolwork, cleaned house and...and...

Ahhh….someday…life will be so much quieter. For now I’m gonna stop braggin’ about my awesome child and go hang wif’ him…even though he’s watching me type this.. :-)


P.S. My son has the neatest handwriting of any 12 year old boy I've ever known. Neat ...straight...even on paper with no lines.
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And I totally love that he wrote down the lyrics to a song he liked. I did that as a child....this led to writing lyrics as an adult.
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