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Tuesday, May. 31, 2005
No computer access at work
Long day already
Tuesday = Monday times two
Electricity transfer phone call complete
Cable/Internet transfer re-scheduled for Saturday
Thought there would be no one home today between 2 and 4
Called and talked to the man
The man is home already due to rain out/cancellation of job
Why’d I call so early to cancel?
Still can’t work
While at work
No computer access
So much to do
No way to do it
Stuck at work
Can’t work
Call to the man only wasted approx 12 minutes
The man doesn’t like telephone
Almost one hour at work
Still can’t work
Working overtime hours to stay caught up
One hour
Dwindling behind already
Do not have book or magazine
I own almost 700 books
Do not have anything on me to read
Thank god
Do have coffee
Do have Word
Just remembered!
Have 250 transcript copies to file into student admin files
Filed them….
Back…writing in Word of course.
Hey wait it’s 11:58 a.m. and our systems are all go!
So much for lunch….
I just remembered….
I used to write poetry….
What was this crap?

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