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Saturday, Sept. 07, 2002
Today ““Bucky”” had a Tae Kwon Doe competition. He got two bronze medals. One for sparring and one for breaking. He’s now a green belt by the way.

His spar match went something like this….

kick received in the head by “Bucky”
time out
kick kick kick kick

Final score 2 to 3 ….”Bucky” lost ;-)

Then about 6 hours of waiting and then we find out that we were supposed to bring his pieces of wood for breaking and since we didn’t and they sold all available wood pieces he couldn’t break. He was tired…and upset…and started to cry.

me watch my son cry and not do anything? Nahhh never…

Husband said he talked to them already about it. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a “woman gonna freak out if I don’t do anything here” action. I walked over and had a little conference with Master Richard. All I said was, “it sure would be a shame to spend 8 hours at a great event like the one you hosted for the kids today and then take a ”crying” child home. He took one look across the arena at a crying ““Bucky”” and then …. dried tears and two pieces of wood and voila…”Bucky” got to break.

And haaaaaa yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh crackity crack crack went the wood. And…. Big cheesy “Bucky” grins all around.

The other thing I should mention here is that I paid $45 for him to enter two events that took him 15 minutes to compete in and 7 hrs 45 mins of waiting around watching to compete in. Not to mention all the safety gear that cost $65. That’s over one hundred dollars and they didn’t mention that I had to bring breaking wood never mind pay for it??? C’mon people. $45 can’t buy 3 pieces of wood?

Woohoooooooooooooooooo he got to spar and break and he got two medals…. I love that kid. I love the confidence that Tae Kwon Doe gives him.

And when he got whacked in the head today and brushed it off… I was so proud. That’s my tough kid out there in the ring. He immediately struck the “fight” stance and was right back in it. And…the head gear….smashes his little face all up and makes his cheeks look all chubby, just like when he was a baby. Only he’s not a baby anymore. He’s a tough little guy. After it was all said and done, I showed Master Richard his happy face and said, “ahhh ok…now that’s more like it eh?” He nodded in agreement.

I wrote a letter today after we got home...

Master Richard Oh,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your organization for the wonderful event this past Saturday. ““Bucky”” had a great time. I especially appreciate your above and beyond the call of duty efforts to ensure that my son was afforded the ability to participate in the “breaking” event despite our confusion over providing wood for him to break.

His experiences and exposure to Tae Kwon Doe and your involvement has given him a confidence that is especially nice to see grow within a 9 year old child who is just developing a sense of who he is and all that he can attain in the future. Prior to his participating in Tae Kwon Doe he was a child that was always “too” nice and took his share of riddling from time to time from his peers. It is very difficult to teach a child about the fine line of defending oneself without raising them to be violent. I recall one time in complete frustration telling ““Bucky”” to “just hit him back once and he’ll leave you alone”, to which he replied, “I can’t…I’m a nice boy.”

Although he has not gained a fighting disposition in any way shape or form towards other children, he now naturally displays a newfound confidence and respect in him self and who he is that seems to project itself and therefore he is no longer ever on the receiving end of anything derogatory.

As a parent how do you thank an instructor and his entire organization for helping you to raise your child to be self-disciplined, organized and respectful, to find confidence and knowledge that you can achieve bigger and better things? Being a parent is not always easy and it is rare to be afforded any help along the way.

I appreciate all of your efforts and personal involvement and commitment you display on a daily basis towards my son. It has not gone unnoticed. I know you change future lives.

Thank you.

(on the far left you’ll find…. Master Richard)

just like to add....Bucky's daddy is a good daddy...towards him. Our relationship is messed up..but the father son one...is very much intact and wonderful. They were sparring, warming up, hugging...and when "Bucky" got knocked in the head Daddy was the first one in the ring to make sure he was ok..hugging him and patting him on the back with encouraging words and support. They are close in every way shape and form. "Bucky" is loved very much by both of his parents... one last thing...."Bucky" complained all day that his "cup" was too small. Typical guy...teehee...

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