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Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006
I am going back to work on Friday. Yes Friday. One stupid day. And then I will have a 3 day weekend and will resume normalcy in my world thereafter. I wanted to go back tomorrow but the powers that be in HR state that I need to have paperwork signed by my doctor.

So, I went today to drop off the paperwork for him to sign tomorrow and get thisÖ.there is a $10 charge to have the doctor fill out a two page form. Are they serious? Yes. Quite sad. I told Rick I am going to snap a photo of Dr. Romeo and ask him to sign it. If he does so without charge I am going to sell it on ebay and hope to earn my $10 back. Donít get me wrong it matters not that it was $10. Iíve spent more than that on less, but to be so important that you can charge people for your time and you are not Donald Trump but are a gynecologist? I meanÖ.really....

The last two months have been mentally and physically debilitating for me. Iíve had far worse months in my lifetime and the outcome is bright and good, so I donít say this for sympathy but rather to put closure on it. Itís been a trying time of cancer scares, physical fears as well as mental re-evaluations. Iím looking forward to gaining more good health and Iím excited in a subliminal way, to try seriously and with medical aid to have a baby with Rick.

In the last two days of restlessness I have visited both of the closest bookstores in my area. These are my latest buys:

Because my best friend Carla has told me many times to read itÖ.

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Because it was on sale for $3.99 and one day when the hype is completely over I will read it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Because this books setting is St Johns, Newfoundland. The hometown of Carla. I heard about this town for years and years and though Iíve never been thereÖmy soul has.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Because I read the first ten pages and love the way this author writes alreadyÖ.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I really bought this one last week, because itís gotten so much Internet press I couldnít resist. And itís a first time novel for the author and thatís always fun.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I bought this one (despite my fears of causing much pain) because I havenít read much Joyce Carol Oates, and that just seems wrong on so many levels.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I havenít read much this past week because when Iím not feeling well my eyes always tire quickly and on top of having surgery Iíve also been fighting a slight head cold thatís caused congestion and sore throat and an ongoing slight headache. I feel better today but still not quite up to normal. Iím confident Iím doing great. I have no real effects from the surgery leftover. A little soreness at the biggest surgical sight but itís moved more to itchiness and that means itís healing so Iím not bothered at all.

I did my laundry yesterday, made dinner tonight and intend to take it easy tomorrow doing some much looked forward to reading.

I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes, support, text msgs, emails and online cards and prayers. I appreciate all of it immensely.

I cannot thank Chloe on my website because though she is quite intelligent she sadly cannot partake of the joys of reading via the Internet, so I bought her a big chewy bone tonight for all her hard work in her nursemaid duties as well as her impeccable guarding work. Sheís the best! There is certainly nothing like having your furry friend stand by you day and night while you moan and move slowly about.

I think the best medicine for me today was a hot cup of coffee, a new bag of books, and a hot homemade dinner. And, even though he rarely reads my dribbling here, special thanks to Rick for cleaning up the aftermath of dinner tonightÖ.I love you!

p.s. today I watched A Baby Story on TV without crying!!! I also informed Rick of what we will name a baby girl if we are blessed enough to have one. He said, "no!" but he was smiling.

When I grumbled about having another day off of work that I didn't want my boss, who rocks in the biggest way, exclaimed in a bored voice, "So what, go buy yourself a pair of "I have only one ovary now shoes" tomorrow. Yes, she's the best!!

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