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terminology - poem

Thursday, Jun. 27, 2002

When he said
If I am the one thing that makes you hurt all the time
Then I have to agree
I should have cut out his words
And pasted them tightly
Onto my “this is how it’s going to be”
Goodbye on my terms
Would have been the best terminology

Somehow I should have uttered
As sweet as a first kiss
When I said it mattered
I didn’t mean this!

Me - (telling another employee after he said I never connect his calls right….) “Who the hell calls you anyways? …pause…… “and your mom doesn’t count!”

Unger - yes she does, she tells me “You only fucked me twice this week, where you been?”

If I could draw cartoons, I’d have an Unger strip. Wait.I don’t want to see him strip. Ewww. I would just create a cartoon strip. If I could draw.

I hate when I’m in this mood, I just can’t stop writing shit.

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