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r.i.p. Terri

Saturday, Apr. 02, 2005
There is one part of this story that I wish wish wish would have been given more airplay. The day she died the media started to show photo's of her from her high school years, and frankly she was a rather large woman at that time. She was what most would call overweight. I don't say this to disrespect the dead...believe me, stay with me because I have a point.

Then they showed pictures of her wedding to Michael. She was much thinner at that time. Thinner and yet she was healthy looking. The two most common photo's that the media shows of her prior to her collapse show a very very thin Teri. You can see her shoulder blades protruding and anytime you can see that, there is most likely a sign of something unhealthy going on.

Terri was bulimic. This is not new information. It's always been known. She went from being a rather large woman to being very small and somewhat emaciated. (in my opinion) It was this bulimia that caused her collapse. Without that collapse there would be no need for any form of life support, and therefore she'd still be walking the earth living her life.

All this talk about life, death, etc. And yet one of the best lessons to be learned from her is the fact that her bulimia is to blame for her loss of life. Not the removal of the feeding tube.

Oddly enough it was her lack of choosing to eat correctly that caused all of this. She chose not to eat and then in the end so many were accused of starving her. All very ironic. And yes, before you say it, I realize that no one chooses to have Bulimia. However, why why why didn't anyone help her back then? Where were her every loving parents? And what about Michael then? Did he want a thin wife and therefore he overlooked her behavior? Did he know about the behavior prior to her collapse? How did this happen to a girl who had so many people that loved her? Where were they then? Why hasn't anyone asked these questions when everyone's asked all the same millions of others?

In the end it all goes to show that being a size 0 is just that…nothing.

I think the Schindler family is remiss to not use the platform freely given to them by the media to not discuss her eating disorder so that millions of teenage girls could hear the harm that not eating properly can cause. I think they have always had strong dellusions about their daughter recovering. All that baloney about how she was talking in her final week staing "I want to live." Yah right...hogwash. They could have helped so many people who might potentially find themselves in the same condition that Mrs. Schaivo was left in.

All the talk about the family wanting a funeral and her husband wanting her cremated. The family acts as though she was a devout Catholic. If that were really completely true she would have married a Catholic man. She didn't.

In the end, I wish Michael happiness, peace and future joy. I would say he's already had his fair share of heartache, stress, death threats, and misunderstandings. I wish his children peace, they are innocent in all of this. I wish his new partner peace. She has to be one hell of a strong woman to have lived through so much of this nightmare with him. Besides, people deserve to move on.

Only a man that truly loved his wife would have ever ever put himself through so much bullshit to see his wife's wishes come to fruition. I'm still on his side. I still think her parents simply could not face reality, give up their own selfish needs to hang on, and let go. They used the media for their own selfish wants. In the last weeks of Terri's life, you did not see her husband walking into the front of the hospice. He went in and out of the backdoor. He respected his wife's final days and remained by her side.

Anyone who tells me that they would want their parents to be the deciding factor if they found themselves in that situation.....married the wrong person. Period. If you're currently married and your parents rank above your spouse, there's something wrong with that to me.

And in the end....there is peace for Terri....
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