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Friday, Mar. 26, 2004
Today I got a package in the mail, I knew it was books, but I have been ordering used books from amazon re-sellers this week, so I wasn’t so excited, but still it was books so I had to mutilate the box despite it’s strong tape and well packaged status.

There were two books inside….

With this post it note attached…

Kristy –

Thanks for all the support. Here are a few things I thought you might like

– Tod

a signed picture OF Tod Goldberg! ))))))))))

...his name on the bottom list of contributors to the Santa Monica Review circa 2001.

he signed the story page he contributed as well….

….in the copy of Living Dead Girl he wrote

For Kristy--
My most loyal fan—
I hope to see one of these
with your name on the
spine soon enough.

All best wishes,

Ok, so ..yah it’s been one of those happy happy weeks….  For those of you that are clueless...http://www.todgoldberg.com   Check him out, I wrote about his first book Fake Liar Cheat on my main website a few years back (I believe it was 2001) and his sister happened to see it. He wrote me an email and we've been email pals ever since.  He writes the best short stories and has a regular column.  If you're interested drop me a line..I'll give ya the full details about Mr. Goldberg.  He rocks....but not as much as the way he writes. 
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