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Friday, Nov. 28, 2003
We had steak dinner last night, had BF's bro over and had a nice time. Today I went on my interview. It seemed to go well, but then again...I want the job really badly and even though I was totally relaxed cause the man went with me and I love nothing better than to spend my mornings with him...I just don't know if I'll get it or not. She told me she's not looking to hire a temp employee, she's looking to utilize the agency to place someone permenantly. Then she tells me she has a few more interviews before Monday afternoon but that she'll be making a decision by Monday afternoon. Once I left there I called the agency back as instructed and they told me they only sent over 3 resumes and I was the most qualified. Lets hope one doesn't show up and the other one has bad breath ... better yet lets hope I am the most qualified and they pick me just because I rock!! The company publishes magazines for the high end housing/automobile market. The woman who interviewed me told me blatantly that she doesn't even look at the finished product. ha! I looked at it today. That might be the last time I ever do. Of course I'll have to mail some copies of it to friends and family if I get this job just because I can!!

Bucky is in PA...Bucky is actually on his way back from PA. I spoke to him twice since he's been there. He was in the ex-inlaws dining room and we had this conversation....

Me - hi buck...are you staying warm???
B - yeah but I can see my breath in the air when I breath
Me - wow..I hope you have a warm coat on, it's colder here too, good thing I have Chloe to keep me all warm at night.
B - (insert giggle here) yah...but what about Rick...he can keep you warm too Mom.
Me - Yup...I'm a very lucky girl.... 'cept I miss you!!!!
B - I love you too Mom...um...(insert more giggles) I mean I miss you too.
Me - Guess what, Mom has an interview tomorrow working for a publishing company, that means a company that makes magazines like we see at the bookstore.
B - cool, so will you get paid to write?
Me - yes, ad copy
B - what is ad copy?
Me - like commercials on paper...anyway it's a daylight weekday job only so if I get the job then you can start staying over at Mom's for entire weeks at a time.
B - WOW cool!!!! So I can be with you and Rick more times???
Me - yup...exactly!
B - When do you get that job?
Me - hopefully I'll get it...will you pray for me??
B - I always pray for you Mom.

awww that kid....I love that kid. Keep in mind, he's saying his end of the conversation while the ex-inlaws entertain the new whore in Dad's life within earshot. I called there before Bucky got there and my ex mother-in-law tried talking to me all nicey nice. I hung up on her. No thanks. She's the same woman who 2 years ago could't even tell me my child was alive and ok when she knew that he was. I could forgive her more easily if she just said she was sorry. She never has....so up hers with her Happy Thanksgiving.

ok so that's not in the spirit of the holidays...but it's reality.

I'm gonna go now...go watch Frosty the Snowman with my warm man.

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