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Monday, Jun. 03, 2002
Rob,Jamie,Rich & Don, (@bluejoules.com)

Just wanted to drop a few lines and let you guys know that Bucky had a great time at the show. About 4 songs into the Gin Blossoms he was bored out of his mind. He told me “they’re boring.” And while I like the Gin Blossoms I was bored as well. We split. But I don’t regret buying tickets or coming to the show(s) at all.

Bucky wants a guitar for his birthday in November now. Gee…wonder where he got that idea? He told me twice “they get all the girls…look at that” teeheee…. I’m accepting “guitar money” donations now….haaa!

We also took him to see Foreigner Saturday night and after two songs he fell asleep. Imagine that. But when he was watching you guys he was wide awake and never took his eyes off the stage.

One of you guys signed his shirt with his name spelled incorrectly and I told him “bummer eh?” and he got a big grin on his face and ran in his room to get his backpack and yanked out a name card his art teacher made for him that also said “&@^#” on it. He said “She did it wrong and she’s a teacher and she wasn’t all sweaty from being in a concert either!”

Also…although it’s never necessary it was great that you guys mentioned my songs and stuff in front of my family that way. It’s just a thrill to hear your own words sung to a crowd and that’s all the thanks I ever need. I should be thanking you guys… But it was nice for my son to see that. One last thing on that note, special thanks to Jamie for everything you did on my behalf. It's been a great experience for me, one that I'll never regret.

Bucky’s probably your biggest fan right about now. He had a great time. And it was his first concert. That’s a good memory to have when you’re a kid. He wore his Blue Joules t-shirt to the Foreigner concert the next day even though I never washed it cause he said he couldn’t go to another concert without his concert t-shirt on. And now it’s clean and ready for school tomorrow. ;-)

Just remember it’s never what you do with your life that matters, its what you do right towards others along the way.

Thanks for being so damn cool towards my kid. I really appreciate it.


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