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Thursday, Oct. 06, 2005
Dear Honda,

My bumper rocks and I have you to thank. This morning when driving to work on the slippery slopes of Florida’s most crowded highways I was following Jack the Chevy driver. Jack decided that he was going to go through the yellow light. I fully expected Jack to follow through. At the last moment and while halfway into the intersection however Jack decided not to go through the still yellow light and therefore he stopped. I did my best to stop in time for that Jack, but the roads were slippery and my driving skills perhaps are not on par for following Jack’s like that and so I hit his big large ugly old Chevy truck square in the nasty behind. I heard the noise of the impact and cringed inside. Jack got out and gave me the thumbs up. He said all was ok. I thought for a moment it’s possible that Jack the bad driver could be telling me a lie.

But, low and behold, there was no damage to either my bumper or his big large ugly old Chevy truck. Jack waved a friendly yet doofus of a goodbye to me and me and my beloved Honda CRV drove our happy selves into work. I did a once over and then a twice over and then I looked yet again all over the front end of my baby, and I’m proud and happy to say that she’s A-ok. I swear I saw her smile and give me a happy wink.

Let me salute you, you wonderful and sturdy Honda builders! I and my CRV appreciate you and your attention to sturdy bumper building!

Much Love,


Happy Honda Owner

St Petersburg, Florida
9:37 a.m. ::
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