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the L word

Saturday, Aug. 03, 2002
"you were the one
who taught me what i don't need,
and i thank you, i thank you for that..."

sister hazel

I just read that in someone else’s diary. And I realize that it applies to “him”. I honestly in my heart realize that I learned the most about myself from him. I learned how easily I mess things up. How quick I am to try to be everything for someone else. And how being myself is more than enough. I am an amazing person. I have faults. I have dents and scratches and I am not perfectly tied up pretty. I am just me.

But that is enough. It is far more than enough for a boy that can see it, a boy that knows it. A boy that is simply good enough to be my man.

I am so close to the L word that I am sitting leaning against it and I know that when I feel those arms, I might just fall into the corner of it.

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