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Friday, Jan. 27, 2006
To every person that responded to my last post…..I cannot thank you enough. All of the “I have that..” and “My niece has one..” and the comment from the captian….well when you finally accept something and open up about it publicly and without fear and people tell you the things that you’ve all told me….it certainly made all my insides jump to my throat in a happy dance.

It was a rough rough thing for me to deal with as a child and I wish I had been as clever as Cosmic was….but I wasn’t. And I’m not sure that would work for me. I think I have hung onto wearing spectacles because I wonder if I got contacts if people wouldn’t notice it more. It’s as if my glasses have become a shield of sorts. Well this was part of the reason…the other part is because I have had nightmares about things jabbing my eyes and I’m very eye sensitive. When I get eye exams I tear up so badly the doctor has a tough time with me overall.

Either way I came to say...you guy's all rock for your open minded honest comments and kindness. And if you meet someone with a lazy eye...

1. don't cross your eyes to follow theirs

2. look at the center of their face to avoid feeling uncomfortable yourself

3. go home and be grateful you have two perfect eyeballs yourself

When I met Rick he never noticed. When I pointed it out to him fairly early on he couldn’t see what I was trying to show him. Even now he doesn’t see it. Of course early on I asked him what the first thing he noticed about me when we met…what did he first thing upon looking at me. His response has always always been “your eyes.” The night we met he told my friend that I had “beautiful eyes”. Yah so I …well I just had to marry him. :-) And that is Reason #1 I pick Rick…..

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