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Saturday, Mar. 06, 2004
I haven't felt like witing here or anywhere. I haven't felt like reading anything here or anywhere. It's been a bad week but then again not. It's been more of a strange week of nothing but work. Work is a constant movement of hour to hour of doing doing doing. I am not complaining but it has been sucking my creativity like a newborn sucks away your sleep.

My son is here. He's been sleeping for hours. I was sleeping earlier, I woke up to find him sleeping. Ugh...I hate that. I swear he gets NO sleep all week just like me and then he hibernates on the weekends when he's with me. I hate it because thats no way for me to spend time with him, however, I gaze at him sleeping and I get this rush of emotion just because he's mine and he's here and in that moment everything feels ok again.

I have noticed that some people like to carry a grudge, they clutch to it like an old pair of bluejeans they find comfort in. The thing they fail to realize is that those jeans are no longer cool today.

Yesterday my b.f. was interviewed by the local Fox News. They came to our apartment to interview him. I wasn't home...was at work. Grr... He told me a little about it. He stated that the girl interviewer was taken by my books. She kept leaning into the bookcase to read the titles. Furthermore she checked out the apartment and saw a picture of b.f., myself and the kiddo and asked him about me, my books etc. How funny is that? She's here to interview him but she's amazed at my book collection. For whatever reasons I asked him "When she saw the picture of us did she ask you if he was yours?" To which he replied, "yah she did, wanted to know where he lived and stuff." Hmmm..was the Fox 8 chick picking up on my man??? He said he doubted that, but then again I doubt nothing being possible these days.

So he's going to be on TV this Wednesday for his 15 minutes of fame. All because of an Internet company he bought from that turned out to be a scam. He complained about it to them because they ask people to and voila within a few weeks their in our living room filming his whole sequence..where you ask??? Right in front of my huge bookshelves of messy books....HAAAAAAAAA My books finally got their well deserved moment in the spotlight. bf is a shy sort of guy, I forget about that a lot these days because he is NOT shy around me. Not whatsoever. But he is around other people. He gets all quiet and introverted. I can't wait to see him on tv and see if he's shaking or what...poor baby.

My son's awake!!! Just in time to be up all night....lol

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