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Saturday, Apr. 01, 2006

It is not often that you spend $10 on a haircut that makes you so happy you ruin your panties. I mean that dually as well. Today I got my nails done at the same nail place I’ve been going to for years. When I got there I noticed a new salon had opened nearby and they were advertising $10 haircuts. I needed my bang’s trimmed extremely bad because I refuse to hack them up my big forehead thereby buying myself a lot of time out of a haircut. So I decided to go get a $10 bang trim since my normal salon charges the normal price for getting your bangs trimmed that they do for an entire haircut. A whopping $25. Even for a trim of the bangs? Crazy. I usually end up hacking at them myself until the shape is all wonked out and I have to go drop the money and can at least get a slight trim too.

Today I walk into this salon and it is entirely empty. (c’mon they are brand new…2nd day open!) I find myself staring into the dark eyes of what I assume to be an Italian man. He has dark hair and a european or even almost greek foreign sexiness about him. I ask him if I can get my bangs trimmed only. He says “of courze.” And the accent is different than anything I’ve ever heard. But I sit down and he begins to play with my hair. (ohhhhh) He trims my bangs and talks to me about my “cuteness baby hair bangs”.(ahhhhh) Yes, I have baby hair bangs underneath my normal bangs. I like them that way because as my bangs get tooo long I still can style them away from my face and have some coverage for my big forehead until I can get a trim.

He trims the bangs, and then he says “I would love to tell you that I can make your gorgeous hair very sezy if you wish.” I say, “how so?” He pulls my hair up and shows me the very ends and tells me “If you let me cuts juz a nips offa you bottoms line I can tell you ..it be then oh so sezy.”

So I relent.

He cuts. And then he does something I have never had anyone do. He stands directly in front of me and pulls both sides of my hair towards him as he snips and trims and cuts. Pulling both sides forward to see if they matched. Picture it... He is exactly one breath away from my face and his cologne is filling the air. (ohhh yah right there...don't stopppp) He’s pulling at my hair and speaking with that accent. Finally I submit…(mmmmm)

“May I ask where you are from?”

He says “Malta”


He says, “Malta, iz below Italys”.

“I see. So you’re not Italian then?”

He says, “No I am Maltese of course. Look for Malta onlinez”

I will

He was maticulous and took a full 20 minutes to cut my hair. I hope that doesn't change in the future if they get busy busy. I left with damp hair…..it’s hard to tell how good or bad a hair cut is or isn’t until you get home in front of your own mirror with your own brush and hairdryer, etc.

Today was a pretty and sunny day so I left my windows down and let my hair air dry. I got home and finger styled it. The curls you see....all natural. This is what my hair does on it's own.

I tried to call him back but the phone number was busy. I wanted to thank him for the “great” haircut. I swear to you it’s the best one I’ve had in a very very long time. I'm excited because he does highlights for $35. (and honestly because highlights take a long long long time to do....mmmm) I must say the last haircut I got was very very good too. She was Italian. A week after my last trim/highlight I got a postcard from her from a new salon too far away inviting me. IE: She left the convenient salon.

Europeans cut some awesome hair!! Want to meet some very sezy men?? Go to Malta…..fast. And if you have your choice, always go with a foreign hairdresser.

Location: Southern Europe, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy)
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