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Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002

Despite everything, despite having to tell you the worst of things today, you never falter. You are always there, always strong for me when I need you. There are no words, and if I was in a different frame of mind I’d write a brand new poem about how I see you. You are most often the only light in my dark. I went digging for this…..this old poem I wrote a long time ago. Because despite how bad everything appears right now, I know that no matter what, I have had my Prince. I pray for you now, but never more than I always have for it has been in abundance and daily. Thank you…for “your everything” that you give without question. I love you. I look forward to a day when what I come to tell you isn’t done so with a cracked voice and a broken heart or a battered soul. But instead with smiles and happiness. I know that I will one day share those moments with you.

Daisy Princess

The Prince Poet

When I was a little girl
Chewing bubble gum
Twirling my hair and
Wipin’ smudges off my oxfords
Yeah you remember
You too were once there.

I used to scribble
“I love Johnny”
In pink marker a million times
I didn’t even know a Johnny
He was my imaginary Prince
In daydreams I loved him
As deep as all those inscribed lines

He would one day
Find my glass slipper
Kiss my lips with adolescent angst
Then I got a little older
I stopped wishing on the dipper
Daydreams and little girls scenes
Got replaced by anxious boys
Promising the world
To get into my pants

I put away my tin foiled
Magic wand
And all of my fairy tales
I grew up and married
And thought that was
Just as well
I forgot about Prince Charming
My Johnny’s were just toads

Today there he was
And I wiped the smudge off
My grown up painted toenail
Straightened up my crooked heart
As he handed me a book of his poetry
he simply and so easily answered a dream
I feel just like that little girl
Who finally landed the “princess” part.
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