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Thursday, Mar. 06, 2003
I have 9 minutes to type something in this little box. Something profound. The last 24 hours have sucked, but not in ways that they did in the not so recent past. Oddly enough ex is giving me lots of help, and I'm being gracious about it, and Rick is now on speaking terms with ex, and it looks like Rick might buy the pussy car. Now the only issue with that is...the reason why I call the Z the pu##y (deleting for Karens sake :-) car is because its the sort of car that 16 yr old boys want to have so they can go cruising for pu##y. So if Rick is driving the pu##y car does that mean he'll be cruising for pu##y? Nope!! He's a good boy. He's a really good boy.

I'm going to get my income tax return filed tonight and then hopefully this weekend I'll be cruising in my new truck. yeeehawwwwwww...

I have 5 minutes left. I just realized that I've never been good at dealing with stressful situations like this car problem I've been having all week, but oddly enough as stressed out as I am about it...I have the best friends ever...the ex stepped up to the plate to be helpful...and Rick...well Rick is there every night to hug it all away. I'm learning to deal with stress better. Much better.

One last thing...ex has Ms. C##TBAG, (ie his new cheat for a girlfriend) going to a shrink too. He pays for mine...and pays for hers. Anyone out there thinking that perhaps he is the source of the problem (common denominator) and needs one himself?? Um..yeah so do I.

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