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Sunday, Mar. 28, 2004
I just had this chat with my son...he was across the room on b.f.'s computer and this happened impromptu....and I'm still all teary-eyed. I love my son more than he'll ever know. Don't miss the entry just prior to this one..there's pictures of him!!!

PupArt: r u fine with me going home earlyer or not :-
Kwisty2k: yup....it's ok bud
Kwisty2k: i know you now have a girlfriend....
PupArt: yah:-P
Kwisty2k: you LUV her?
PupArt: ya:-*
Kwisty2k: coolio
PupArt: lol
PupArt: :-)
Kwisty2k: I love you more than anyone else in the whole wiiiiide world
PupArt: i love u the same way
Kwisty2k: :-))))
Kwisty2k: I had fun with you today. I'm glad we got to spend some time alone and stuff for a change.
PupArt: me too
Kwisty2k: spanks for helping me pick out new shoes
PupArt: ur welcome i hope we can spend time alone next week
Kwisty2k: you gonna come over on Friday whenever Po Bronson is here???
Kwisty2k: i wanna try to pick you up straight from school...k???
PupArt: ok yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-)
Kwisty2k: maybe he will sign something just for you...what do you think???
PupArt: ya i think he will
Kwisty2k: he wants to ask you some questions about my Mom and Dad
PupArt: y?
Kwisty2k: because he wants to know what you think about what they did by kicking me out....and why my mom has never wanted to be a grandma and stuff
PupArt: i dont no y she doesent want to b a grandma
Kwisty2k: me either, I think she's stupid for that....she is missing out on knowing such a great kid
PupArt: thanks
Kwisty2k: do you think I'm a good Mom? or do you think I should try harder?
PupArt: y did she kick u out
PupArt: ur a good mom
Kwisty2k: she never gave me a real reason, it still bothers me because I don't know what I did wrong to have my mother do that to me
Kwisty2k: that's what Po Bronson wants to talk to mom about because he's writing a book about "family" stuff
PupArt: he is going to talk to ur mom
Kwisty2k: I doubt it, because she won't even talk to me, but perhaps he might try to contact her by calling her on the phone
PupArt: oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kwisty2k: he's gonna talk to Daddy too
Kwisty2k: because Daddy met both my parents a long time ago
PupArt: ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
Kwisty2k: he's gonna talk to Bryan and b.f. too
Kwisty2k: because they know how much it bothers me not to have a Mom
Kwisty2k: can you imagine not having a Mom?
PupArt: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Kwisty2k: its not always easy for me to know how to be a good mom because I didn't have one myself, so I worry lots about being a good Mom to you...I worry about whether or not I tell you I love you and whether or not you know that I do.
PupArt: u dont have to worry;-)
Kwisty2k: thanks!
PupArt: welcome
Kwisty2k: i wish we were all still a family sometimes because I wanted you to have a good family with a mom and a dad because I never had that....I feel like I failed you because Dad left me
PupArt: nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kwisty2k: I love you....and I'm sorry Daddy and I couldn't make things work so that you could have that.
PupArt: its ok dont worry;-)
Kwisty2k: I don't hate Daddy....I hope he's happy now. I just hate that he hurt everyone. That doesn't mean I wish him bad things. You understand?
PupArt: ya i do
Kwisty2k: I will always love Daddy because without him there would be no YOU. And without YOU there would be NO sunshine.
PupArt: thanks
Kwisty2k: i feel better having said these things to you and I want you to know that no matter how many mistakes you make, no matter what you do in life, no matter how bad it is, I will still love you just as much and even more. I will never stop wanting to be your Mom.
PupArt: thanks that touching
Kwisty2k: I'm sorry I could never fix things so that my mom wanted to be a grandma to you.
PupArt: it ok dont worry;-)
Kwisty2k: someday you'll have a child and you'll WORRY WORRY WORRY about everything because you love your kids more than anything you can imagine
PupArt: lol
Kwisty2k: that's not funny buster!!!
PupArt: lol
Kwisty2k: GRRRRR
PupArt: lol
Kwisty2k: i love you
Kwisty2k: daddy's here to get you
PupArt: :-Pha,ha,ha
Kwisty2k: grrr come give me a kiss goodbye you snot
PupArt: bye kiss
Kwisty2k: bye bye

YUP I GET TO MEET PO BRONSON. YUP I'm excited!!! :-) I'm also very glad that my story might inspire other's to forgive their loved ones thereby allowing everyone involved to heal.
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