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Monday, Apr. 07, 2003
Last night I had ďBuckyĒ with me. We went swimming and went out to Rickís restaurant to eat. We had a good time and connected with some kewl conversation. I was very thrilled to see that he is not yet so old that heís pulling away from me. He was very affectionate and was hanging all over me in the swimming pool. I would swim and he would cling to my back and let me drag him along for the ride. It was kewl.

Ex came into the apartment for the first time yesterday when he dropped off Bucky. I think he was surprised at how very nice it all is. (ha! Take that!) He said it was nice and it was odd how he walked through the whole place before I even was aware that he came in with Bucky. It was like he was being nosy checking it all out and I would guess that he expected to see something bad or wanted to. He noted the lighter collection was displayed on a shelf in the dining room area. Iíve always been rather vague with him about my living arrangements because he doesnít tell me anything about anything. So I think he was probably scoping out the place looking for Rickís things. Itís rather hard to miss the fact that there are two computers there and that one wasnít mine before. He didnít say anything though. Just gawked. He was driving her car and I gotta say for a girl with issues about her age, why does she drive an old lady car?

Ex also gave me back some wrought iron candle holders that hang on the wall and hold jar candles. I bought those things in PA with my own money and insisted on having them back. Kudoís to him for finally admitting that stuff should be returned. Itís about time. Now I can light up all the candles and cuddle with Rick. ;-)

Rick wasnít around all that much this weekend, heís working about 65 hours this week. Insane. Poor guy. Even after all that working he always finds time to kiss me, hold me, talk with me and just spend time with me.

I just got an email invitation to my 15 yr high school reunion. Geez I feel old. I was contacted by my other best friend in highschool. I had two best friends, Joyce, who contacted me last week after years of silence and now Tina. Very nice to hear from her too.

I left Rick a love letter this morning on the coffeepot. I hope it makes him smile all day. -PoeticaL
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