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Thursday, Nov. 06, 2003
It's thursday, another one of my long days. Late days. Noon to nine days. BF is sitting on the couch playing Playstation. His hair is all messy, his eyes are never averted from the screen. Chloe is lying in the sun and I'm not wanting to leave. I want to straighten the bookshelves, wash the dishes, make the bed, pick up discarded articles and line them up like soilders in their prospective places. I want to...go for coffee, go to the park... listen to the seagulls on the beach....I want to wash my truck in the sunshine, watch Chloe run through poop island (her favorite spot to leave treasure), I want to take my son to Chucky Cheese for dinner. I want to read a good book curled up in a warm quilt listening to BF breathing beside me. I want to make mashed potatoes while he makes steak.

But here I go instead...to call deadbeats who don't pay their unneccessary cellphone bills instead. Ack!

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