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Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006
My fellow book clubber was infertile, tried IVF 16 times….16 times!! No baby. She was told “your uterus is a hostile environment”. Imagine living with that statement the rest of your life. (saddest part…she got pregnant twice, only to lose the babies weeks later) Never talked about it until last night.

Fellow book clubber has Syndrome X, also does low GI diet. Bliss of all bliss to have go to girl.

It’s more fun to read classics as a group than nearly every other type of book.

My book club still rocks.

Old lady scrapbook conventions taking place right next to book club meeting’s…super suck. (esp. if your ex-husbands old lady ho’bag wife belongs to it!!!)

Driving to work in the morning rain sucks.

Voice mail msgs out the wahzoo…equally suck.

Medroxyprogesterone makes you feel sick the first two days, after that…no problemo…bring it on I say!!!

Stevia is a glorious thing. You haven’t heard…you don’t know. Awww get it in the know…(ie google that word bitches!)

Scars on the body…much like nature’s own tattoos of strength. No?

Sex makes boy’s sing in the shower the next day.

And last but not least (and NO this list had no order) former co-worker/current friend’s babies are the cutest. Love him….love him…..he’s auditioning for Halloween here…he’s also auditioning for walking in the near future! I love this kid!

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