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Monday, Dec. 16, 2002
I got a kewl present…..check it ….

It’s an MP3 player! Yeahhhh…..very kewl. I like it.

He didn’t like what I sent “him” at all. In fact he disliked it so badly I'm forbidden to show you what it was. On his automatic response for his away message he wrote the following….

“anyone want to buy a ****? It was xmas present lol brand new in the box only $50”

I am disappointed that he’s so disappointed, but I shoulda known better and just got him what he asked me for. It was stupid of me….stupid *smacks head* and to make matters worse, I got his address wrong by one number and they will have to redeliver tomorrow. After he guessed what it was by deductive reasoning, we already know he’s taking it back to get something else. It was discussed and settled in moments.

Now….my kewl present…while very kewl…..I can’t get it to operate. I keep getting an error message “cannot communicate with MP3 Player” over and over when trying to use the “easy to use” software I installed.

I looked in the instruction booklet to find the following…

“First determine that the player is still turned on. To conserve battery life, the MP3 player will automatically shut off after 1 minute if it is not playing music, or recording. Simply press a button to reinitialize the Unit.”

Ok easy enough...I checked that out..it was on. Whew....now what??

“If the Unit is still turned on and the D’music manaer still reports that it “cannot communicate witht the MP3 player, it is likely that your computer is using a non-compliant Paralell Port setting. The MP3 player requires that you have an ECP-compliant port. To check if your Paralell port is set to ECP please go to Q2.”

ut oh...this doesn't sound good...but keep reading maybe there's something I can do...

2.) How can I determine if my Paralell port is set to ECP?

Paralell ports are typically used for the connection of a printer. As a result the computer industry has a number of communication methods that have been changed over the years of the Paralell port. SPP, EPP and ECP are a number of the Parallel port modes. The current ECP is required to ensure that the MP3 player can communicate with your computer.

3.) How do I set my Paralell Port to ECP?

yeahhh exactly...tell me how do I??

The MP3 Player requires your Paralell port to be set to ECP to function properly. Most computers will allow you to change the setting in the BIOS. Please note that most users are not comfortable with changing BIOS settings as it may cause your computer to stop functioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<---SAY WHAT?????????? We recommend that you contact the maker of your motherboard or computer for detailed instructions on how to set your Parallel port to ECP.

I can’t do this, as I have no clue who the hell they are as my pc was build to specs at a previous place of employment. :-(

Furthermore it goes on to say…

“If you are an advanced user and are comfortable with making the change, most BIOS' will have a specific line item pertaining to Paralell Port Mode. Find this line and follow the directions in your BIOS, or provided by your computer/motherboard manufacturer, to change the setting to ECP. It is normally a simple matter of toggling the Paralell Port Modes using the PgUp/PgDn keys to find the right setting. Once you have made the change. Save and Quit your BIOS set up program to reboot your computer.”

SAY WHAT?????? BIOS???? ME???? BWAHHH HAHA…*sob* I can’t do that!

and then……to add to the frustration……the instruction’s go on to tell me...

Please note that once your computer reboots, Windows 98, 98, and 98SE will find the new ECP Paralell port and attempt to install the drivers. You will need to provide your Windows installation CD if prompted. Once you have completed this change, follow the directions in A2. To double check your parallel port settings.

“need to provide your windows installation CD if prompted”??????? Yeah…don’t even have a windows disk. Never paid for software, got the pc built and had the software installed for free.

So in closing...

“anyone want to buy a MP3 Player? It was xmas present lol brand new in the box only $50”

"He" also sent me a cute little smiley face car air freshener...I do know how to configure and install that. Thank God. And he sent me a picture of himself, I know how to put that in a frame too. 2 outta 3 ain't bad...*sigh*

Don't get me wrong...I love my present...I'm just too lame to figure out how to get it to work.
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