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'til the sky's not blue anymore

Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2002
Me: T?
T: Kristy?
Me: can you be my friend?
T: yes I can
Me: til the sky’s not blue anymore ever?
T: I can always be your friend
Me: even if you have to go away like the sun does at night
...and come back some other time?
T: Yes...
T: I look at you and I see something that is worth the journey...
T: even if it is an unfamiliar path

That right there is all I have ever wanted from anyone. Just to not bail like everyone else in my life to just not come in and make your self matter to me and then disappear. To not make false promises about pretty things that are unrealistic and then fail miserably because your promises were taller than your ladders. Yes I want someone someday to be everything. I don’t want every single someone to be that. I just wanted to know before I let it matter when it wasn’t going to matter to him.

Got it now? Who cares… I do.

‘til the sky’s not blue anymore ever,
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