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Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004
My list of things to do…

1. buy Chloe some canned doggie food she likes, she’s not happy

2. iron all work clothes on Sundays, this 5:30 a.m. ironing sucks hairy old lady pussy lips

3. buy new shoes, all black shoes are too big all the sudden

4. fed ex a check across the avenue I live on

5. finish NEO (work-related) for college job

6. take cup into construction company job…NO CUPS in that office!

7. buy laundry detergent

8. buy tea bags and milk too

9. find time to go to grocery store

10. find time to make tea

11. drink milk before it turns sour like last time

12. look for neighbor to share milk with

13. try to organize passwords, password for one job, home pc, other job, bank account, blah blah…what was that one again?

14. get pin number for financial aid loan and ask boss about it

15. send my ex-husband a get well card since his dumbass is in the hospital with an infected sinus cannel or some shit

16. tell him not to let her sit on his face anymore

17. finish training work at work #1

18. buy more hangers and give away “fat girl” clothes, they are way TOO big

19. throw crib in the dumpster

20. have oil changed in truck

21. buy 2 new tires on Sunday

22. get a haircut…thinking SHORT up along my ears…

23. write 3 more chapters and red-ink the first original draft of Infection

24. I was kidding about number 15 but not about number 4

25. buy red ink pen to do #23

26. take pictures to job #2 for desk

27. set up desk at home with new stuff I bought for there

28. buy a mop, the floor in the kitchen is disgusting, 2 months no cleanie???

29. get pedicure, someone told me it’s sexy, myswell feel sexy since I’m not getting sexed

30. go get another tattoo, this time on the back of my neck near hair line….

And to think I don’t have time to do anything…..all I do is work…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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