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Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2003
Once a week I sit in a class for an hour and a half and listen to all the reasons why life, love, and fundamentals like trusting and believing in someone can turn out to really fuck up your life. And this is supposed to help me with anger issues???

a few examples...

Woman A has a baby. The baby's father leaves with no explaination. She meets someone new and then comes home and finds that he's walked down the street for cigarettes and left her baby alone in the house. She asks him not to ever do this again, he replies "its not my kid, I don't care." She slaps him, and now she sat beside me in class today.

Woman B meets boy. Boy has control issues. Woman B realizes this about 3 months into the relationship and leave's him. She loves him but realizes it's all wrong and she leaves him. Good for her..no??? NO! Because boy comes and finds her and puts her in the hospital with a black eye. She fought back...and WHAM she's my class buddy now. She did everything right, she left...she stuck up for herself....and...ok enough of that..moving right along....

Woman C gets married has two children, everything is relatively calm One day someone comes knocking on her door to tell her that she's the mother of her husbands "first" child. Um...say what? *gulp* Woman C asks him to leave, a fight breaks out and the woman that came to the door calls the police and WHAM I have another new class buddy.

Woman D is in college to be a lawyer. She's from Chicago but comes to Florida to go to FSU because her boyfriend wants her to. One night they get into a non-physical argument about a scrabble game, the neighbors hear the loud dictionary argument and WHAM I have yet another class buddy.

Woman E is on medicaid due to her long list of medical ailments. She's too ill to work, has been married for years. Her husband tends to lose patience with her illnesses and berate her in front of others. HE also likes control and steals her foodstamp card and trades food for other things which leaves her unable to eat properly. When she doesn't eat her medications make her act irrationally. One night she strikes back and hits him for taking her foodstamp card and leaving her to starve while ill, and wham welcome my new class mate!!!

Woman F is 24, college educated and very intelligent. She gets married to her highschool sweetheart after 6 years of dating and going through college and then she finds out she's pregnant. He doesn't want to have a baby yet and orders her to "extinquish that fire" and when she refuses he throws her out on the front porch 3 months pregnant in the rain. She hits the glass front door to get back into the house. He's standing very close behind the glass and the glass hits him in the face...tra la la boom de ay...I have another class bud I say...

I'll stop at that and I will admit there are a few freaked out women that pulled axes out and waved them about Freddy Krueger style, one big big woman jumped on her boyfriends car and grabbed his new woman by the throat, one girl threw an outside charcoal grill at her mother, one girl even pushed her elderly grandfather and yes these lovelies are my classmates as well. But....oh but the ones I listed above and so many other's...the girl with blonde hair last week that was walking in the heat to class because her boyfriend pushed her out of a moving car....they just make me wonder why life can be so ugly. Their stories make me angry, very angry and no damn time out makes that anger go away!!!!
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