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Monday, Oct. 04, 2004
My co-worker at the U, Chad, upon learning that I was the proposer stated the following "Did you wrap yourself up in tinfoil and ride in on a tiny pony since you could not possibly afford the Suit of Armour and the white horse working where we do?"

Guys seem to think it's pretty funny that I proposed. I suppose I should back up my reasoning by saying when R and I first met I told him I would NEVER EVER NEVER EVER get married again. He told me if I ever wanted to that I'd have to ASK him.

Never say NEVER EVER unless you have a suit of armour and a nice horse.

I'm glad I asked...even if I wasn't wearing tinfoil....I'll never forget how soft his t-shirt was and how warm his skin felt....while I poured my heart out like hot chocolate.
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