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Monday, Mar. 31, 2003
The Friday night dinner..?? Repeat after me.. DIDNíT HAPPEN! Yeah thatís right it didnít happen. It was cancelled because ex decided that he and I need to come to our agreements and then simply inform Ms. Cleaver and Rick of what we have agreed upon. *sigh* back to the drawing boardÖ.

Rick and I had shrimp scampi for dinner Friday. Heís a great cook and it was yummy. Saturday I wanted to get Bucky but ex made sure to preoccupy Bucky by having a sleepover on a night that I wanted to have him come stay with me. I said nothing, hung up, cried my eyes out for 2 hours and then spent the night watching TV.

Some old man just ran into the back of my truck and cracked the bumper on the side. Iíve already called his insurance company and stuff. Iím sure whatever money I get to fix the cracked bumper will go right to the attorney. But it just sucks. I finally get a vehicle thatís decent and some old fart has to run into it and fuck it all up. Iím pissed. Really pissed. Itís not that bad..but itís still the point. Iím pissed.

Iím on the phones doing salesÖthis is a numberís game but itís boring.

I have tons going on but donít feel like writing about it. Thatís a new thing for me. I think Iím too busy living it rather than writing about it.

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