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Tony Mac got a promotion!!!!

Friday, Apr. 28, 2006
TonyMac now works in San Antonio and just got a great promotion with tons mo' money. I'm happy for him. I thought it was great that his supervisor that also used to camp out here included me on the notice. :-)

From: J Supervisor
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 11:01 AM
Subject: Tony B*******
Please help me congratulate Tony B******* on his promotion to ********* *********** effective June 1st.

Tony has been with ****** for two years, at three campuses, and now this is his third role. Tony has been the wind behind team San Antonio's sail since he has been here. We would not be where we are if Tony was not here! His EXCELLENCE in his position has helped our students be the most prepared and successful in class. We look forward to more great success from big T.

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