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Tuesday, Dec. 05, 2006
To answer someone who asked me:
Credits Required

Credits Applied

Credits Remaining

I am nearly done with all of my core credits. That's the guts of the program. Most people do gen eds and electives first. I'm doing them last, they are somewhat easier. I have lots of elective courses to go. I am about halfway and if I take no breaks I will graduate with my bachelor’s on or around April of 2009. Doesn’t that sound like a date so far into the future it will make you puke? Yup…sure does. If I continue on and get my Masters degree I would graduate with my Masters in May of 2010. And yes…yes we are only about to start 2007 shortly. Gah! School is something I will be working at for some time to come.

I was also asked about my AA degree. The University I am attending offers only one AA program and in my opinion it is useless. I do not desire nor do I find value in AA degrees. They are perhaps valuable to others but I don’t want it.

Lastly, I asked my husband to come meet me for lunch because he was supposed to be off today. But he got called out not on one job but now on two consecutive ones. So he called to tell me he couldn’t meet me for lunch and he said, “I’ll take you out to dinner instead.” Dinner instead of lunch? Sweeeeet!!!!

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