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Wednesday, May. 17, 2006
Today is my birthday! I say this not to make you feel guilty that you did nothing or that you did not remember. I say this because after the debacle that was Mother’s Day for me, because Mother’s Day always sucks emotional ass for me….I decided that today is my birthday and damn it I’m going to be happy about it no matter who or what pisses me off.

So….you slap me…I laugh. Today is my birthday slap me again!

You scream at me I laugh yet again…scream again…today is my birthday!

You make me feel poorly…ohhh wait you can’t do that….today is my birthday!

There shall be at least one new book bought for myself with grandma’s money! Grandma’s make you feel like a little girl every time it’s your birthday!! It’s great!!!

There shall be and is already coffee..hot…on my desk.

There shall be little work done….beeecause boss man today is my birthday!!!

There shall be chocolate and sex and doggie hugs and there shall be no cleaning, cooking….and tho’ I’m trying to avoid school work there may be some squeezed in quickly while I hold my breath because dang it…


p.s. say goodbye to Elliot Yamin tonight! Bye Bye Elliot! watch and see...

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