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Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2005
While Tod Goldberg’s been reportedly busy snorting coke off of Anita Shreve's ass out on his book tour I’ve been failing miserably as his number one fan. I have NOT touted his new book, shoved it in any unsuspecting person’s mailbox nor have I super glued pages of it to the fronts of my friend’s doors, cubicles and or car windshields like a number one fan would or should. If you want to avoid my gushing and blabbering about books just go buy this….if you want to know why I’m lathering at the gum’s read on... If you want to know the answer to “what’s sooo great about this Tod guy???” and you don’t want to take my word for it…read his blog…it’s linked to the right. Oh and if you don’t care why I lather and will simply take my order’s just buy it.

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I have however read his new book, in part in the past and in part in the now. I was excitedly awaiting the release of his new book because it is my opinion that Tod single D is the god of the short story. This is not to say I haven’t immensely enjoyed his other two novels because I have. But Tod can write one mean ass shortie. It’s not often that I can remember short stories or their details for years. I can tell you about the characters in Tod’s books. I can recall lines from them and still get shivers. My one copy of Living Dead Girl is highlighted throughout with all of my favorite lines. My other copy is a signed copy and then there are the numerous copies I gave away. Including the one I gave to Po Bronson. Yes I pimped Tod to Po. Now how many people can say that they did that? I would like to think that the highly pimpable Tod would be pimped out daily by all sorts of people and I hope that one day there is a revolt and the stupid Oprah picks one of his books because low and behold the masses would get to enjoy fiction at it’s finest.

I am no O but I read a lot of books as many of my readers here can attest to, as well as my child, my ex-husband (who bitched more than the mayor of New Orleans about the injustice’s of it). In all the years of reading (52 books in one year) there are few authors that can write a novel and or a story that makes me deeply happy from my head to my toes. Tod is one of those people. I keep his signed baseball card in my kitchen. My kitchen people! Where I hate to be…and I can now bear to be in there.

I’m sure there’s at least one brain cell in Tod’s head that thinks I am a neurotic twit of some sort because I read his work as though it were the bible and I salivated at the thought of him having a short story compilation. This is akin to Starbucks opening a valve on the secret crack like substance they inject into each cup and providing a faucet to the goodness for free. Yes Tod having a short story compilation is just that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…interacting with famous people and/or authors is not always a treat. But there are good ones out there that are happy and pleased that you the consumer have bought their book and given them what I lovingly refer to as eye time. I buy a lot of books and I can tell you that my personal bookshelf list here on my website attracts a lot of Googler’s and I know that a lot of them are the authors themselves looking with the fear of god in their veins for what people out there think. But yet, I sent a very nice and very kind email to Poppy Z. Brite…who never replied and gave me the reader the impression that she’s too busy with all her damned cats to give one fuck about the fact that I bought her books and/or spent some of my life spans valuable time on her work. Yes her books are good, and I will never lie about the value or worth of a book based upon the kindness or un-kindness of his/her author. (and yes she received my email…I sent it twice…she ignored me TWICE)

But then there are the people like Tod that contact you and THANK YOU for having good things to say about their work. My long time love affair with his body of work has little to do with the fact that Tod single D is genuinely a nice person to his fans. But it is a nice side affect to the addicting drug that is his writing. It’s nice to know that he’s not a pretentious self serving idiot that God granted with a talented pen.

A few months ago and prior to its official release Tod sent me a copy of his new book “Simplify” via email and I will openly and without shame admit that I was brought to tears by not only his kindness but his willingness to share ahead of time. Yes I paid the cash money to get my own copy since, but damn it was pure bliss to print out that copy and sit that weekend ahead of all other’s reading and feeling omni-special about the fact that I could be reading his shorties.

Ok so now fear me….I will be super gluing and sending out and pimping like the fan from hell. Fear me….and in the meantime…avoid my “buy this or die” wrath by buying your copy today. You won’t be sorry.

It pays to be a nice author. If you are an author…be nice to the slobs out in the world that chuck out $14.99 for your pages.
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