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to have got too old

Thursday, Mar. 14, 2002
Got a message from Jamie about the “new” song “TO HAVE GOT TOO OLD” this morning….

”I gave your work to Rob and we did start working on a song last night... I'll have to get you an MP3 as soon as we get something recorded, but it's good :)”

Ok….so who cares that “him” is a jerk? Who cares that I still have no microwave? Who cares that I ate a “little Debbie snack cake” for dinner last night and my stomach said “No thanks Little Ms Bad Sugar Carb filled Debbie” and I ended up driving to my house to do laundry and worshipping the porcelain god for a half hour while no one was there anyways? Who cares that I need a haircut so bad that I have to keep blowing my bangs out of my face a thousand times an hour? Who cares that I haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night since March 8th? Who cares that I want to buy that Bitten book and instead I am going to count out change to buy something for lunch today? Who cares that my husband acts distant but then we end up in bed making love for 2 hours and I strangely get up from my marital bed and go back to an empty apartment and start to count the slats in my window shade to try to put my mind to sleep for the night and it doesn’t work? Who cares that I talk to “him” the minute he addresses me even though I should know better? Who cares that at 3 a.m. last night right after I fell asleep my entire bookcase tipped over waking me up and now the entire mess is waiting for me after work today? Who cares that I’m confused? Who cares that I lost my new Natalie Imbruglia CD somewhere in the move? Who cares that I want to go to the beach after work but I don’t have the money to pay for parking? (Yeah even the beach isn’t free!)

Who cares right now about any of that stuff….because fact of the matter is…I just wrote a second song when I never thought there would ever be a first. My next goal is to write one for a different band…hmm….I need a plan…

*PoeticaL gets out her notebook and starts to write down some new ideas and plans…blows her bangs out of her face..hoping she has enough change to make it through the next 30 hours on her pocketful of change….and waits on that MP3*

pssst….thanks Jess….my son isn’t just cute…he’s little Mr. Sensitive. I asked him this morning “Do’ya think Daddy misses me?” He said, “Yes Definitely.” I said, “Did he say that?” He said, “No but I figured you’d like it if he did.” I got quiet and when he noticed my mood change or something he then said, “But Mommy…I miss you.” I pulled my Prelude over and hugged him real tight. That kid…he makes me so proud. I always know that I did one thing right…come to think of it…who cares about Blue Joules…..in the end “Bucky” is the best song I ever wrote….

To have just grew too cold
A love that grew too old

copyright 2002 Kristy Webb
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