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tonight I had this totally good thought

Friday, Oct. 04, 2002
Tonight I had this totally good thought in my head

So I told him…

“I was thinking tonight while driving back home from the bookstore where I returned this lame book that I thought I wanted but turns out I don’t want…. That…in essence there’s really not many people in my life that I even like. I mean “like”. Not just “hey yeah he or she’s ok and yeah I remember that time that he or she did this or that…” I have those sorts of people, don’t we all? But I got to thinking that of all the people I know and all the things I’ve ever shared with anyone, I have shared the worst parts of who I am with the one person who’s opinion matters most to me because he’s truly the only person I honestly like just because I like him. You are that person and tonight driving I thought this and wanted to thank you for being a good thought in my head always.”

He said…

aww thats nice......you’re welcome

I don't think there's another human being that I can spend 3 hours talking to...like that...

I always thought he was judgemental....I got to thinking tonight while driving into the sunset that for all my thoughts of judgemental being his middle name, he's still there for me in such big ways. I was wrong...before. I used to talk to everyone, then I didn't want to talk to anyone. Now I just don't trust anyone but him.

Funny thing is, I'm tired of doing things the way I've been doing things. I know better, same input=same output.

I got my cellphone bill today and got to thinking that in an average month my bill runs $75. My home phone bill is usually around $45. And I usually spend about $30 a week on books. That's $240 and that would pay for a design class. So, guess what I'm going to do next month? uh....so...yeah...

Today at work, boss's new girlfriend called him. Boss's old girlfriend that works at work, same girl he cheated on, walked up to his desk and spoke to him while he was on the phone (unknowingly on her part) and bosses new girlfriend heard old girlfriends voice and got mad and hung up!!!! Hello???? This new girlfriend is the same girl he cheated on old girlfriend to be around. Does new girlfriend think that old girlfriend might steal a cheater back? Or does new girlfriend just realize he's untrustable now? Does it matter to me? No.

I just made a huge observation. The next person that comes into my life will trust me. Because it will be the right way or not at all.

I can hear my son breathing right now...

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