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Thursday, Mar. 31, 2005
I did not get the job I recently interviewed for. However, the person they hired used to work here in the same position and so the company opted to do a re-hire rather than spend weeks upon weeks training someone else. Gah…. I’m ok with it since I like my job, however I’m sorta not ok with it because it would have changed the situation with my son pronto without changing educational matters, etc.

I start a new class today. It’s a hoorah class so I’m looking forward to it.

tonymacaroni decided to try to fix the blinds today….it was quite funny and these pictures do not do the comedy justice, but suffice it to say if he didn’t have me laughing my butt off I mighta cried about finding out the former information about the job I wanted. He’s currently pretending to type as fast as I can by mocking me.

So earlier he thought that he could fix the glitch with one adjustment and then one of the blinds simply came off in his hands….while I giggled…

And then due to this mishap it became an operation that required a chair/ladder and a full on blind operation…..and now we are down to half mask and the blinds are not working correctly at all. But he states this new development is grand.

I suppose you had to be there…..

I did get this msg from my boss though …
There may be a new position opening up here in our department, but you MUST keep this under your hat for now as it has not been officially approved. I'll let you know.

At least the trickle of hope keeps pouring out of the faucet of opportunity….

tony plans to install an espresso maker and serve hot coffee in our office...he's now dancing in the office like the fat boy from Hitch.....having him around has made this bleak dismal day better.....at least I'm laughing.

My loverly fiancé that I adore and love to pieces fucked up his finger last night at work...as in a large chunk of his skin is just ....it's just gone.... I gotta get him a big band aid or something...poor guy.
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