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Wednesday, Apr. 06, 2005
The other day TonyMacaroni trys to sell me some stale barbeque chips using his best selling tactics..

Today TonyMacaroni asks to have his photo taken to email it back to Indianapolis to his girlfriend.

Yeah TonyMac transferred to Florida from Indy…..and all day long I hear “in Indy we…” Ahhhhhhhhhhh but TonyMacaroni we’re not in Indy anymore….
Before someone says it….keep in mind that the Mac’man and I spend 6 hours a day in a very tiny office doing nothing but talking to each other and fielding tasks from the nether regions of the office compound.

Please note the Mac’man has tons of ties…tons of ‘em

also please note that the Mac'man has candles on his desk. They be the same candle Wallyworld collection that I have on my coffee table at home.

double note that the Mac'man would appear gay...but is NOT gay. He's just a well dressed well candled kinda guy. His girlfiends going to transfer to the sunny side of the UoP soon....you go Mac'man!

It also turns out that tony macaroni loves Charlie and Chocolate Factory and can sing and recite all of the lyrics to every song in the movie….and….yah he’s still not gay…

He did that picture..not I. I told my boss about this fetish of his and she said I could file a formal complaint if I liked….to which I had to reply…

From: Kristy
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 6:12 PM
To: My Boss
Subject: RE: Tony Wonka

complain? why complain? He's really funny....entertaining.....and he reminds me that I'll never be the weirdest one in the bunch.....
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