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Wednesday, Jun. 01, 2005
Today during work

Me: “Look, this student went to mortuary school…check this out. I bet he said, “I see Dead People” all day long and got sick of it and decided to come here to go to school for anything else.”

Tonymac: “Yah I had a friend that did that, he got tired of the hours, people die all hours of the day and night you know. It’s not a job of convenience.”

Me: “Tonymac!!!, I couldn’t be a mortician. I really dig forensic science to the point that I love everything about how they catch a killer, but I could not deal with finding dead bodies in all sorts of f’d up poses and stuff, it would get to me after awhile. But if I could just get past that part I’d really love to do forensics.”

Tonymac: “I’d really love to do twins.”


Me: “Re Source fees have gone up. So I have to pay more every month!”

Tonymac: “Yah, from 60 to 75 but you still get half off, so that means you’re paying $2.50 more a month, cry me a river already…paalease!”

Me: “Yah but that’s half a cup of coffee Tonymac!”

Tonymac: “Yah and that’s two and a half tips for strippers. I can see you, you’d give a stripper a five and tell her "I'm sorry but...uh..I'm going to need change."


Me: “Is this Dokken on the radio?”

Tonymac: “No it’s Metallica”

Me: “Same difference”

Tonymac: “I saw Dokken once.”

Me: “What? When you were 7 yrs old? (please note: Tonymac is 21!)

Tonymac: “NO! It was a big reunion show.”

Me: “Oh the has-been showing?”

Tonymac: "uh...yah.." (hangs head in shame) ___________

I work with some funny people.
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