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too deep - poem

Friday, Jun. 04, 2004
too deep

I知 all out of fake sugar
And my phones all out of hope
My pants are three sizes smaller
And the only reason I知 not as big
As a house anymore
Is because that white picket fence
Burned down the door

I can稚 stand it long enough
To bake cupcakes
The ones with the smiley faces
I just draw pictures
And pretend we had tea parties
I make memories change
I make reality erase
Like soldiers the truth marches away

I eat big pats of butter
On cardboard whenever I ache
The rest of the time
I just stare at the gaping hole
That you made

The bed is a menace
It strangles my sleep
I知 not calling you again
It just hurts when you池e distant
And I知 somewhere too far away
Over here I知 too deep

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