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Monday, Nov. 15, 2004
There’s a lady at the U. who runs the café. She rocks. She gives me freebies and extra’s and lets me break the rules left and right when it comes to the daily specials. Annnnd today she let me have chocolate/peanut butter pie instead of macaroni salad as my side dish along with my Tuna Noodle Casserole. Her husband who is silent and mysterious and never at the café makes the best peanut butter pie. To absolutely die for…. This is a different pie than the one I got today. It is purely peanut butter fluff of some type. I can feel it lodge it’s way onto my hips but it’s so good its worth it. :-)

Earlier today when I made a pit stop back at my apartment with ‘da man there was a man painting my front patio area. It will be all dry and look mucho prettier when I get home tonight. I hope.

My smallest pants still fit even though I’ve been drinking up latte’s left and right. Sure they feel a little snug and I should lay off the latte’s for awhile I think, but still fit. :-) Even after pie.

The cutest little boy in the whole wide world is going to draw a picture for my wedding invitations, they will be very nice and made partially via Bucky.

I’m mid-way in the application phase for federal grants/funding for my non-existent college tuition bills and I think I’m going to purchase a new car very soon. :-) I want a convertible. And I intend to flaunt it around the ex-man. Bwahahahaha…. The unemployed ex-man. Double bwahhhhhhahahaha

I don’t much have anything to write about lately since all I do is work. I had a fairly quiet weekend and slept a ton yesterday. It was nice to get to sleep so much. My son came over later in the evening and we tried to go to a local jubilee and ride a few rides but it was closing in ten minutes and they wouldn’t sell us any tickets. He took it pretty well though and then we just hung out at the bookstore after the toy store was closed even though it looked open but was only open for Toys’R Us employees to take advantage of some sale. We struck out twice. :-(

So now I gotta go push in chairs and go cheer up the man cause I’ve had this entry up on my word all dang day trying to think of something to write and this is all the better I could do…loser diarist that I am….


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