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Saturday, Mar. 20, 2004



-but mommy I can’t eat these…..and I don’t know how to read.. ;-(



My Top Ten Reasons Why I adore the way Tod Goldberg writes…..


  1. Tod has the ability..keen as well…to write any genre and not sound like a fiction writer ‘wanna be writing’ non-fiction.
  2. Tod writes well because Tod is well endowed in the personality department.  Teehee beavis, I said well endowed about a married man.
  3. Tod’s characters are real, usually dysfunctional, and always likable because likeable dysfunction is so much more fun to read than unlikable anyone’s.
  4. He slays dragons and saves damsels in distress.
  5. He openly and publicly admits to saying things like this… “I’m no good with the female mind,” “I get muddled up in the whole estrogen factor.”  (If this is not reason enough then I don’t know what is!!!!)
  6. Tod has a huge , er…I mean HUGE grasp on what marriage is.  It’s obvious in his book Living Dead Girl, in my opinion anyways..and obvious in anything he writes whereby he relates to his wife.
  7. Tod knows the weird idiosyncrasies of life…the strange thoughts that we have within and rarely speak about out loud.  These humanalitys (common human traits..yes it should be a word) that we all have.
  8. Tod does not use BIG ostentatious words, but rather eliminates the small-unneeded words.
  9. When asked for his opinion on writing, he is honest, brutally honest because in my opinion he loves the craft far more than he worries about being true to a person’s friendship with the use of lies.  This simple fact indicates trueness to his work, believability.  I doubt he would tell anyone a dress makes them look thin when he’s thinking of a way to construct a sentence to indicate “she wore a dress whose pinstripes tangled themselves up inside her cavernous folds..”  (frig that was good of me, maybe someday I will be as good of a writer as Tod… 
  10. He is real, he is genuine and …and….he’s just odd enough to wanna be my friend.  :-)


*  It should be duly noted that Mr. Goldberg has kickass taste in music.  This has nothing to do with his writing skill, just needs to be duly noted…




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