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Monday, Jul. 15, 2002
So in the last week or so I’ve been working on this Interview for online. It’s been something that I decided to either do completely right or not at all. Meaning that I wanted to take my time. And I spent an entire week, about a half hour each night filling it out properly.

I finished it earlier tonight and decided to share it with husband. He kept “sighing” as I read through it. And then finally I said, “hey you don’t want to hear this.” He said, “yeah I do but I wanna watch Witchblade” and it’s on.

What a dick!

and to think total fucking strangers would pay me to write them emails because they find me so interesting....

11:37 p.m. added on…

I called “him” feeling like total shit cause I got the “sigh” off. And I never said anything. I just said “hey what’s up?” in a cheerful voice….and he said “what’s wrong?”

How can a man I’ve been with for 11 years not get me. And someone I never met…does? Just like that. I denied anything being wrong. Talked for an hour and a half and then admitted what happened. He said, “I bet he had his arms crossed too.” I said, “yeah..how’d you know?” He said, “body language says a lot.”

Then I got off the phone and husband says, “I read your Interview thingie…out there” I said, “uh uh” and now here I am telling you. It's just too late.

Yippe eh?
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