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tough (poem)

Monday, Jul. 08, 2002

i donít want to need to
come to you anymore
i want to tell the air
and have that be enough
i donít want to need anything
need is the thing that makes me weak
i want tough

mistakes like long laundry lines
trip the stakes that wish
nothing turns out anything
but fine
fine would be fine enough
fine would make me tough

fine is that line that splits
a heart in two
and yet fine would
be fine with me
if it wasnít so fine for you
too many times iím weak
when i need to be tougher
and its so tough
and this is so hard
to admit this is true
believe me it is everything difficult
and everything tough times two

never wanted much
and yet thereís too much to lose
when you want something more
maybe the answer is to accept
the answers that life gives you
because some answers just arenít
the ones we choose
some answers lead to things we just lose
and that is achingly tough

i donít want to need
the way i have before
i want to tell the air
and have that be enough
i donít want to want more
the fact is the air has never left
i need to stop being the me that is weak
and just learn to be tough

i need to stop needing
and want to never want
i got too used to that raft being there
wading in alone
going in this deep
is so damn tough

someday knowing iím alone
i want to never have
that be anything but enough
someday you will be alone
i hope you are then anything
just anything at all
just not tough

then when you tell the air
i hope it's not enough
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