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Friday, May. 14, 2004
So I have this job whereby I have two jobs working for two people with two companies that each technically have two names. I have two desks and two windows. I have two printers and two phones. This morning I went to two banks at two entirely different locations for two different bills for two sets of taxes. I printed out two maps from two different web pages so that I could ascertain that I would arrive at two different locations within at least a twenty-minute time frame. Both maps comprised two pages of print out.

Before I ever came to work I had decided on wearing another outfit, rather than the one I have on, so technically I took out two outfits just to wear one. Two decisions were made on the way to work as well. I stopped at two places to put my breakfast together without too many carbs for one meal. I received two phone calls and made two phones and then when I got back from both banks, I made two more. I have one chair but sat in two this morning in order to try out the new chairs that arrived last night after I left work too late. I received two packages yesterday (I wrote about those already) and Iím wearing one and reading the other to-day. I have had two cups of coffee both with two packets of Splenda also from two different places, one place before work and one place on the way back to work after the two stops at two banks earlier.

On my drive to work, I was wondering just how old my sisterís two twin daughters are about now. I think they are about 8 because my son was about two when they were born. I called her on May 2nd because she turned 35 and I was still technically two number digits younger than her and this was key because when I was 8 and she turned 10 before I turned 9 she made a big enough deal about it that youída thought it was two big deals.

Itís almost time for lunch and I donít know what Iím about to eat, but Iím thinking about getting two cups of yogurt with fruit and calling it lunch. Iím starving but I eat very little these days. Two nights ago Rick made dinner, and if you ever have a chance to have dinner made for you by Rick..take my word for it, eat two plates of food, not one, even though I didnít eat two, there was only one to be had..too bad.

Iím still thinking about the fact that I have two jobs, two bosses and one paycheck. Whatís wrong with that?

I have two days off after today of course. I want to go to the beach to see a sunset. Thatís on my high list of priority right now. That and I need to clean more than one room in my apartment at a time. Iím hoping and praying that Rick isnít too mad at me about last nights comments to be cleaning up that one mess in the kitchen thatís big enough to be two. I can hope. You would to.

I asked Po Bronson the other day when his new book, (the one that I am in, arenít you too excited for me?) would be coming out and ironically he said, ďIn about two years.Ē I might be dead by then, but you might not and you can read it for me if that happens, right?

I have decided to make a new list of things I need to do, things Iíd like to do and things I should do. One of those things is finish that novel or throw it out. Two choices, throw it out might prevail.

Iím about to go to lunch now, but Iím a little too tired today to be jumping for joy. Too many things to do at home, I want to smell spic and span this weekend. That pine sol clean smell is on my mind for some reason.

Right now there are two people in this world that make me want to buy brake fluid because it has two purposes in life. Iím too demented on this thought to explain. Sorry.

Ok now I have to go but before I do, someday I want to write for a living. I have another assignment and I am going to get paid. Too cool.

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