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Saturday, Jan. 31, 2004
i've spent a lot of time alone as of late. more time than i ever could have in the recent past and i've learned a few things about myself from this time. i realize that i like my company quite a lot. i have also realized today that i must be one of those fascinating kind of people that other's can't forget because it would appear that there are those i've spoken to in the past that just can't seem to forget about me. there are even more that i've asked to simply forget me and yet they can't seem to do that either.

i didn't realize just how entertaining and great i was until just today. that and i need to read a few books about ZEN before i quote anything about something feeling zen-like again.

while i'm at it i think i'll go buy a copy of The Beginner's Guide to Zen Buddhism

by Jean Smith and maybe some Tazo Zen Tea and since I'm trying to learn new things i'll get this Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston book too. since so very many people have come along to tell me i am NOT a writer, i think i will also get Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande, John Gardner. Yah

because....WAIT...I was also told that just because I read lots of books doesn't mean I know anything....damn. How do I...without... Uh, yah good thing I never asked in the first place.

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