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trees, pants and silverware...say what?

Saturday, Dec. 03, 2005
Too many things to do…..the holiday season is among us and I just got married…..I’m just now getting used to being a Mrs. And yet so much more to do.

The Christmas tree is up…..it’s white with purple lights and very hard to photograph…..I want to find a unique purple angel for on top…..I think we have one but Rick didn’t get it out. Our closets jammed full and so it’s hard to find things. I also can’t find my white tree skirt that I love….

:-( Maybe he’ll find it soon….

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This picture is for Keith…..look at all the nice new shiny silverware….we received some gift cards so I picked out silverware as a wedding gift!
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This is a bad picture and he’s of course doing his usual pose……lol But I’m posting this for dukkha-tanha. Check out the man’s lounging threads….yah those are pants with champagne bottles all over them……and they remind me of her husband’s pants….lol Yah…and I bought them for him…..lol I thought of these bottle pants when I read her entry eon’s ago….

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and close up….
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He must be still celebrating our wedding......those are celebration pants for sure... :-)
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