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trouble over me (lyrics)

Sunday, Sept. 01, 2002
Iíve outlasted everyone with my very awake pain.
I hate this feeling.
I wish I could bottle it and shoot arrows for decades
at the one person responsible for all of it....

I put this song on repeat...
I still canít sleep. Here I go back to staring at the ceiling a little while longerÖ

Trouble Over Me

Youíre not my boyfriend, I donít want a boyfriend.
Just make a little trouble over me.
In your kitchen, on the way to your window, walking down your hallway.
Make some trouble over me.
Iíll play hard to get but if I mean it,
Just make a little trouble over me.
Leave me alone. Do what you want to.
See, I got some things on my mind.

Donít treat me bad, thatís not what Iím asking
Look out your window, everyoneís in line
Paper truth in strings, hearts and broken things,
Love goes for quite a price.
I donít want you for mine. Oh, but donít we get along fine.

Tell me a secret before you meant to.
Worry what Iíll do. Trouble over me.
If you touch me, itís only by accident.
Oh, wrists and fingertips, trouble over me.

In your kitchen, on the way to your window.
Walking down your hallway, make some trouble over me.
Button my coat up, stumble with your words some.
Let me think that you might go to a little
Trouble over me
Just a little.
Just a little trouble.
Just a little trouble over me.

Tift Merrit
5:12 a.m. ::
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