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true friendship - poem for Mad

Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2002
true friendship

true friendship doesnít stop
it fights when we donít
it gives when we give up
itís there when we push it away
it comes back laughing in our face
true friendship bends when we canít
it takes the pain and dances with it
when weíre too weak to walk alone
true friendship canít be held tight
or trampled on the ground
itís the thing that lifts us up
when we constantly fall down
true friendship finds a way
when we have lost the map
it is the magic that sustains us
when we find ourselves feeling trapped
true friendship is a voice that
always knows your name
it calls to you in the quietest silence
when you think youíve gone insane
true friendship is an island
where we never are alone
it is the place in the storm
the place we can call home
true friendship knows no boundaries
and doesnít play any games
itís the only calm in the chaos
just there always strong
always just the same
true friendship makes you weep
the most beautiful of tears
it is the one thing that can last
more than forever
has too many years
if youíve found it
you know you canít grasp it tight
when you have true friendship
there are never goodbyes
just a sweet lullaby goodnight

iíve had a thousand friends, and then iím lucky because one ďgood morningĒ i found you.

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