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Friday, Jul. 19, 2002
I just got this....this ..I was chosen for this on July 7th.


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Hi PoeticaL, Lady Hawk here.

Guess what? You're one of our chosen POET OF THE WEEK with your sizzlin piece Truest Sight. Congrats! Here's all the infos you need:


Anyway, wud you like to do interviews with me? How about say I post your profile up somewhere? Sounds good? Well, holla back ASAP pls. and lemme know wats up. Congrats again!

Much love.

I know what poem she's talking about, but after spending my lunch hour on what used to just be fireseek and is now ihoppoets and urbanpoetic I have a huge fucking headache like I always get. It's all such a big mess. And I can't find that poem anywhere. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Chosen on July 7th and I just see it on the 19th? There's massive amounts of poetry confusion going on now. I used to totally love fireseek too... :-(
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