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Sunday, Aug. 11, 2002
offline messages….he misses me when I miss him…

offline message:
t (Sun 08/11/02 03:38:07 AM) ;-(

josh asks to cam….and …damn he’s so funny

jem: come onnnnnnnnn . . .
me: lol ok but it's not pretty
jem: *rolls his eyes* whatever
me: lol
me: see
jem: it looks pretty from over here . . .
me: my hairs all messy
me: glasses on
me: and me eating raisin bran
jem: mmmm . . . thats ok . . . and thats ok too . . .
me: happy?
jem: hehehehe . . . i think id rather see the other two scoops
jem: ;-)
me: lol
jem: ohhhh, i'm so wicked clever . .
. me: lol
jem: uh-huh . . . i see you smiling
me: well fuck that was funny
jem: as always . . .

and then later…mid Popsicle eating….

t: yeah...
t: you trying to torture me?
me: lol
me: hey I didn't know you were coming back
t: I am back
t: oooo baby
t: god I wish I was a popsicle
me: what?
me: lol
me: keeps sliding down
t: I have been outside in the dust storm
me: and I gotta get it back up to my mouth
t: mmmm
t: sliding down....
me: lol
t: ok...
t: better
t: harder baby
t: so what are you up to....other thatn torturing me?
me: im not torturing you
me: me eating a popsicle
t: humpf....


me: thats the scary part... I want you to love me...not just my words
t: I do love you.....
me: why?
t: if you are half as true as you have described your self...
t: then why wouldn't I


t: sleep
me: ok go work
t: now
me: i will
me: i promise
t: buh bye
t: love you
me: bye bye
me: right front...

The funniest thing all night was when someone from my past said that he wouldn’t let a girl swallow or expect a girl to swallow because after all it didn’t taste like “tuna on rye”. hahahahahha...

That’s hilarious….

It’s 7 a.m. time for bed. I’m stuck on Afghanistan time on the weekends….

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